About Us


My first memories were of making pop-bead necklaces, how old was I?  Two? Three?   I'm still at it.
After a lengthy career in Sales and Marketing in both publishing and software, I finally decided to launch my own jewelry design company back in 2001.  Again,  I'm still at it.
Please enjoy my site.  All the work is done by me. I enjoy many styles and disciplines, but always return to color. Some of my favorites are Autumn and Ocean palettes.  

In my spare time I volunteer as a Naturalist on the Santa Barbara Channel and sea themes are always in my mind.

Enjoy the site, and contact me if you would like Modifications to any of the work, or something designed just for you.
Contact me at mardanne@silcom.com
phone: 805-453-4897
etsy: etsy.com/shop/maddreamsjewelry
instagram: instagram.com/marsmaddreams
instagram: instagram.com/marilyndannehower